Be More Visible In Communities: CEO

GREATER OTDF staff visibility in the communities is needed in 2017 as OTDF focuses on the delivery of the poultry, eaglewood, rubber, and rice Livelihood Development Packages (LDP).

OTDF Chief Executive Officer Ian Middleton told a staff briefing on January 18 that under the LDP program, communities willing to ‘sweat’ would become financially self-reliant through these packages, associated processing facilities and improved market access.

He said all OTDF staff should be delivering in line with the OTDF Strategic Direction 2016 – 2020 and must continue to be innovative in this first full year of delivering the plan.

With the return of weekly Twin Otter flights downriver each Friday, all OTDF staff need to be more visible amongst the communities and urged all Departments to have a greater presence throughout the CMCA and Western Province, especially in the South Fly region.

“Find the reason to be out in the field, reason to engage with our community partners. Noken sidaun tasol long desk bilong you. It does not matter who you are; you Finance, you Contracts, you IT….no matter what your role, find the reason to go into the field and sell that to your Manager to get him or her to support you. Being there will either mean you’re advocating for what we’re trying to do in the community, or you’re actually delivering in the community and that definitely means you will be visible in the community,” he said.

PICTURE: IDD Projects Officer Justin Saguar (left) and CEO Mr Middleton engaging with the community at Membok Village.

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