Strengthening Private and Public partnership

COMMUNITY obligations and project security are a valuable inter-relationship  recognised by OTDF.

The Royals Rugby League Club made a flying comeback into the Kiunga Rugby League, thanks to PGK10,000 in support from OTDF.

This financial  support was received by Provincial Police Commander Joe Puri in April on behalf of the club.

The Royals is a name synonymous with the PNG Constabularies participation in rugby league across the country.

The Fly Royals have been off the Kiunga rugby schedule for a number of years and this support from OTDF has allowed the new club management to make a comeback on the Kiunga league scene.

Mr Vira said OTDF greatly appreciated the relationship we have with the police.

“You have always supported our programs throughout our area of operations and this contribution will further support fair play between our organisations.”

He said like the Police, OTDF is a community orientated organisation working on bridging the social gaps in Western Province communities.

He added that OTDF will also be giving support to the Kiunga Rugby League Association.

“Kiunga Rugby League has had a big influence in the lives of many of our youths so it is fitting that OTDF help raise their aspirations in the code and let’s see where it takes them.”

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