South Fly District has a population of about 45,000 people. Like the other two Districts, transportation into most of its villages is constrained unless by either air transport or outboard-powered dinghies. The District is prone to floods and lengthy dry seasons, however, the South Fly people are avid fishermen and women. Fishing itself is a major income earner for most of the rural people who can access markets in Daru via dinghies or outrigger canoes equipped with sails.

The District shares two international borders with Australia to the south and Indonesia to the west.

The District comprises of four CMCA Trust Regions – Suki Fly Gogodala, Kiwaba, Manawete, and Dudi – which are represented by the Suki Fly Gogodala Development Foundation, Kiwaba Development Trust, Manawete Development Foundation, and the Dudi Development Trust respectively.

The South Fly people speak six main languages – Kiwai, Agob, Gizzra, Gidra, Suki and Gogodala.

Our Trust Communities

Suki Fly Gogo