OTDF appreciates long serving staff

Beginning with a group of 17 community development workers attached to Ok Tedi Mining Limited, the vision ‘To improve self-sustainability and quality of life of Western Province communities’ was the driving force to get the foundation up and running.

Mr. Middleton, outgoing CEO expressed that, “OTDF has grown and its success at the village level requires a dedicated group of staff with the heart and determination to really make a difference; staff willing to engage with communities who are supported by the Board, Executive Management and a fully engaged Middle Management team.”

He said this support is underpinned by a strong and participatory Advisory Committee, equally representing all CMCA regions, setting the direction of the Company’s operations, and endorsing all major project developments.

“I take this opportunity to sincerely thank every member of my staff and all those who have contributed to the growth of OTDF since its establishment in 2010.”

Nine long serving staff were recognized with gifts as token of appreciation for their services to the CMCA community during the dinner commemorating 10 years of service.

Wari Walo, OTDF’s Executive Secretary, thanked CEO for having faith in her to be part of the OTDF family from day one. “I was just a secretary but I served the community by being the face of OTDF at the front desk and I am proud of the work I did. Today I thank the EMT for my promotion to Executive Secretary and will do my best for OTDF.”

Frank Tokin in his reflections, mentioned the experiences and special moments of his ‘SS’ (Sepik – Samarai) connection. He shared stories reflecting the connection that OTDF staff have not only as colleagues but as a family, stating ‘everyday day had its moments’.

Mr. Musje Werror OTDF Board Chairman and Deputy CEO for OTML in his official address during the night, centered on a great aspect of building communities not through visible projects but valuing one’s self and sharing this value to our Communities, our Province and our Country.

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