Organizational and site visit by PNG Incentive Fund

MAJOR PROJECT delivery requires funding, and potential funders require an assurance of transparent delivery.  This is what OTDF achieved when recently showcasing its capacity to a  PNG Incentive Fund #4 Organisation Assessment team led by CoffeyInternational and the Australian DFAT.

The team was in Province for 4 days as a Gate 2 requirement of the Kaviananga Rice project submitted in 2018 by the OTDF CEO. The CEO took the PNG Incentive Fund team to various project sites around Kiunga as well as the proposed 40 hectare project site at Kaviananga Village.

The proposed PGK3.8 million project will see the cultivation of various rice varieties and establishing medium-scale smallholder rice farming protocols. In his address to the Kaviananga  community he emphasised the concept of self reliance and sustainability with a focus on having food for the family and selling any surplus to earn an income.

“Yumi mas wok stron, long gat kaikai blong putim long tebol blong femili na gat inap  long salim na gat moni long poket.” With overwhelmingly positive feedback from the team OTDF is hopeful of passing through to Gate #3 (final proposal) and accessing funding by year end.

Picture: OTDF CEO points out the proposed rice trial site to the team from PNG Incentive Fund and DFAT Australia

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