The North Fly District shares its border with West Sepik Province and is home to the Ok Tedi copper and gold mine.

The District also shares its border with the Middle Fly towards the south and the international border of Indonesia to the West. The Ok Tedi mine is located in the Star Mountains area of the District. There are more than 25,000 people in the District. Although a few areas in the region are accessible by road and to a lesser extent outboard powered dinghies, most villages are only accessible by air due to the rugged geographical terrain of the region compared to the low lying Districts of Middle Fly and South Fly. North Fly District is where the provincial administration center is located – Kiunga town.

The District is comprised of three CMCA Trust Regions – Nupmo, Tutuwe, and Wai Tri – which are represented by the North Ok Tedi Development Foundation, Tutuwe Development Foundation, and Wai Tri Development Trust respectively.

The North Fly people speak six main languages – Faiwol, Wopkaei, Ningerum, Awin, Biami and Boazi.

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