1st March 2018


THE Mount Fubilan egg and poultry project is now producing quality eggs in just seven months since its initial ground breaking in Tabubil, Western Province.

The project is the first-ever co-funded, large scale project for the six mine villages of Atemkit, Finalbin, Bultem, Kavorabip, Migalsimbip, and Wangbin since the villages began receiving compensation benefits from Ok Tedi Mining Limited.

Known as the Mt. Fubilan Agro Business poultry project, the project was facilitated by the Ok Tedi Development Foundation and implemented by Israeli agro-business company, Innovative Agro Industries.

The project cost K7 million and was funded by the six Village Planning Committee’s (60 percent), Star Mountains Women’s Association (20 percent) and IAI (20 percent).

The project is currently producing 2,000 eggs per day and its first customer, Mineral Resources Star Mountains, has already purchased 12,000 eggs through its subsidiary company, Fubilan Catering Services.

Women leader and SMWA President Clara Fred Dangkim said the project is a huge achievement for the mine villages.

“This is a big achievement and milestone for the six mine villages. We as a people have had many differences and attitude problems over the years. We must now work together in one spirit to make the project become fruitful and now this has happened,” Mrs Dangkim said.

The project ground breaking was held in May 24, 2017; this was followed by last week’s official ribbon-cutting and opening of the facility by MRSM Chairman David Kaiankim, IAI Chairman Ilan Weiss, OTDF Chief Executive Officer Ian Middleton, and Mt Fubilan Agro Business Board Chairman Maino Lucas on February 21, 2018.

The opening saw almost 3,000 mine villagers in attendance at the project site to celebrate.

Mr Weiss likened the project to a “Ferrari” given the quick progress and success of the project from construction to completion.

Mr Middleton was happy that both old and new mine village leaders had joined hands to see the realisation of the project that would contribute toward the dreams and aspirations of their children through education sponsorship and improved school infrastructure in future.

Mr Kaiankim thanked the mine villages in joining hands to making the project a reality and ensured the continued support of MRSM.

“FCS is going to be the major buyer in this project. On behalf of MRSM and FCS, we will stand together make sure this project is successful,” Mr Kaiankim said.

Present to witness the opening were IAI representatives, OTML representative Ian Strachan, Western Provincial Administration observer Robert Alphonse, Lotic Bige Limited General Manager Anthony Amerasinghe, mine village leader Biul Kirokim, OTDF Associate Directors – Maino Lucas (North Fly), Richard Zumoi (Middle Fly), Aniba Samo (South Fly), OTDF and OTML staff, and a sea of festive mine village communities.

PICTURE: Star Mountains women’s leader Clara Fred Dangkim (right) proudly displays packaged eggs produced from the Mt Fubilan Agro Farm. Joining her to celebrate are two women in traditional Star Mountains attire and OTDF CEO Ian Middleton (kneeling).

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