The OTDF strategic 5-year goal for the Health Sector is improve CMCA primary health care service delivery strengthened in line with the National Health Plans. The indicators of success in this sector are drawn from the National Health Plan to increase the number of aid posts and health staff houses, to support health facilities with access to safe water, including hand washing facilities. OTDF has adopted national access indicators to ensure the increase in number of one year old children immunized against measles, number of births attended by trained health personnel, number of pregnant women who had at least one antenatal care visit, and the number of outreach clinics conducted per 1000 children under 5 years.

Overall performance in the health sector is based on a Sector Performance Annual Review (SPAR) score calculated across 16 indicators, relative to the best provincial level performance for each indicator.  In 2015, Western Province ranked fourth out of 22 provinces in PNG.  This is a remarkable improvement from 2012, before the OTDF health interventions began, when Western Province was ranked 17th.

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