FODE – Keeping Western Province abreast with modern times

TABLET PC’s have been designed for mobility and energy efficiency, professionals and business leaders who are on the go, were the initial market drivers of this modern day tool.

With the advent of technology and the cost to produce Tablets gradually decreasing, this mini PC is set to become a household item amongst Western Province students.

Currently, Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) through its 10 Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) centres throughout the CMCA corridor has to fly in over 1,000 kilos of books and printed materials from Port Moresby each year, costing up to PGK80,000 in transportation alone.

To augment printing material costs and simplify logistic challenges, in April the OTDF FODE Program in partnership with the National FODE Office in Port Moresby launched the use of Tablet PC’s.

Students now have the opportunity to receive a tablet PC, a solution that can modernize the way of learning in the rural, hard to reach areas across the corridor.

Each Tablet includes a registered program which contains all the necessary books and reference materials that a FODE (grade 9 & grade 10) or Adult Matriculation (grade 11 & grade 12) student needs in order to complete or upgrade their marks.  Pictures and videos come alive on the full colour screen and with proper care,  students can use the same unit for the duration of their study.

Features include all FODE Course material in softcopy, student Encarta and a Dictionary. Additional features include charging by regular electricity and through solar power, 8GB internal and 16GB external memory, PVC cover protection and content and key word search option.  Program Services Sustainable Development Manager, Mr Eric Kuman said the program was initiated by OTML  in 1986 and handed over to OTDF to facilitate in 2015.

“We have two devices available which are very affordable. The 7-inch tablet for PGK260 and the 10-inch screen for PGK360,” Mr Kuman said. The OTDF FODE program is the largest program in the country with 10 satellite centres established in Tabubil, Ningerum, Kiunga, Bosset, Aiambak, Kavianga, Nakaku, Kaviapo, Tapila and Daru.  In 2019 alone, 490 CMCA students are enrolled in FODE and 642 are enrolled under Adult Matriculation.


Team Leader Education (PSSD) Mr. Igea Yasa (right) presents the Android Tablets containing educational material to be used by registered CMCA  FODE students. In witness are the OTDF Education officers.

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