My Dream- to help people

Daniel and the truck acquired from an NDB loan

Daniel Dewo from Pampenai Village in Tutuwe region is a young man who is keen to supporting his community. An entrepreneur with a vision to develop his business interests, with qualities that the CMCA Youth Action Plan focuses on to create opportunities to improve their social and economic wellbeing.

For this reason, in October 2018, Daniel was assisted to securing a loan from NDB with co-funding from Pampenai Village Development Funds, to purchase a 2.5 tonne Isuzu Dyna truck. He puts his truck on hire to both business owners and individuals to help them move cargoes and materials. In this way he is able to meet his monthly loan repayments.

He is ambitious yet is grounded through his past experiences. He plans to expand into other opportunities as well in order for him to give more to help his village people. His father who was a pioneer ECPNG Missionary taught him a valuable lesson he shares – to always look out for others in need.

“I worked full time in Youth Ministry with ECPNG Church and during this time I was economically and materially dependent on other people. I felt demoralised when my requests were rejected so I decided to start something to support myself and other people in my community.

” With some extra earnings, he tries his best to assist students with school fees, cultural obligations and even their local church. “My dream is to see my little business expand so that I can continue to help people.

”Daniel thanked OTDF for facilitating the loan application process for him. With a smile on his cheeks during the turnover he said, “I now have a small business and I have hopes of expanding the business in the future.”

OTDF wishes him success in his business endeavours, to maintain the right attitude and a good heart in giving back to the community.

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