2019 OTDF Communications Patrol Summary

The OTDF 2019 Communications Patrol was a success with the exercise meeting all the objectives safely, on schedule and within budget. The purpose of the patrol was to collect community views to inform the planning and documentation of the Strategic Plan 2021-2025.  

The final report highlighted the methods used during the process were appropriate and learnings for further improvement. Project and general evaluation surveys conducted at the end of the village meetings proved to be a very effective method of capturing feedback from communities.

Throughout the communications patrol, most villages in North Fly, Middle Fly and Suki Fly Gogo Trusts were optimistic and contributed meaningfully to the consultation meetings. Villages in the South Fly region were partially receptive, mainly due to confusion over the ongoing court case issue.

Safety remains an ongoing area of focus with several issues identified that will need to be addressed before the next patrol.

Key data from the patrol were:  

  • Attendance of 11,515 people at the village consultation meetings
  • Estimated 1,360 Key Messages brochures disseminated to 136 villages 
  • Estimated 1,360 Trust Expenditure reports distributed to the communities 
  • Estimated 1,360 Trust Investment Flyers distributed to the communities 
  • More than 1,200 comments/questions were provided by the communities development issues raised, General Issues registered highest with 45%, followed by Economic Development at 23%, Education at 13%, Infrastructure at 11% each while Social Development and Health were at 6% and 3% respectively.

The issues/questions registered under General Issues related to Trust Investments, project delays, political statements, MRCMCA Holdings, Provincial government services, OTDF’s commitment and topics outside of the five development sectors

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