The OTDF strategic 5-year goal for the Local & Regional Economic Development Sector is Increased income earning and employment opportunities, and reliable subsistence consumption for Western Province communities. Indicators of success in this sector include (a) increased percentage of household incomes from non-CMCA sources; (b) increase in the percentage of CMCA community members in paid employment, and; (c) increase in the number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) owned and operated by CMCA communities.

To contribute to achievement of these results, OTDF Program Services-Sustainable Development (PS-SD) Teams’ workplans have focused on two key areas in 2016 (a) preparation for roll-out of priority Livelihood Development Programs, including Poultry, Fisheries, Rubber, Eaglewood and Rice, (b) working with the CMCA Trusts, Women’s Associations and the OTDF Trust Administration Team to establish and operate SMEs that can participate in LDPs, and a range of other economic development and investment opportunities. Credible partner organisations have been identified and selected to drive and manage each commodity.

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