Ok Tedi Development Foundation Executives

The Ok Tedi Development Foundation is managed by an Executive Management Team (EMT) comprising the Chief Executive Officer, Ian Middleton, and Executive Manager – Program Services Sustainable Development, Havini Vira and Executive Manager – Corporate Services S, Michael Apollo .

Ian Middleton

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Middleton has grown up in PNG, speaks fluent Tok Pisin and is passionately committed to his aspiration to develop the capacity of fellow Papua New Guineans and deliver genuine self-sustainability. He started working in what he describes as his ‘dream job’ with OTDF in July 2009 as the Chief Executive Officer. He has a Bachelor of Science (1993) and Honours in Aquaculture (1994) from James Cook University in Townsville, Australia, and is the Founding Chairman of the Liklik Skul Foundation (since 2013).

Havini Vira

Executive Manager – Program Services 

Havini Vira is from Eastern Hhighlands Province. He joined OTDF in January 2018 as Executive Manager Program Services. A Fisheries expert by profession, he has held various positions in both public and private sectors. His last role being Manager of Inland Aquaculture with National Fisheries Authority (NFA). Havini holds an Masters in Aquaculture and Environment from University of New South Wales (2015) and a Bachelor of Sciences in Biology from University of PNG (1997). He has been involved in rural and community development his whole career and is passionate about projects that improve livelihoods.

Michael Apollo

Executive Manager – Corporate Services

Michael Apollo is from Metro Manila, Philippines, joining the OTDF Family in April 2018.  Mr Apollo has a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (1996), is a Certified Public Accountant (1996), and a member of the CPA PNG (2018).  He spent the first 4 years of his career as an external auditor before moving on to a number of Finance & Accounting roles culminating as the Chief Financial Officer for Fitness First Philippines before his move to PNG.  A farmer at heart who has also contributed to Habitat for Humanity and ardently believes in the innate goodness in people, he is highly motivated to contribute to delivering a prosperous future for CMCA communities.